Order Cetacea


The cetaceans are basically mammals, which means they are endothermic(warm-blooded) their temperature is the same as humans. In cetaceans still, there are discoveries and reclassifications are occurring. 

The average reports are stated that there are about 89 species of cetaceans. Cetaceans include from the tiniest dolphin to the largest whale. By the report of specialists, they are spotted all over the oceans and many of the major rivers.
Especially they have seen in the Ganges/Ganga.

 They have special specifications to be noted:

  • First of all their body is spindle-shaped and fish-like and without a neck. Their head is long and often pointed. Because they live in water all the time, they absent skin glands. They don't have external ears but have ear holes behind each of their eyes. These ear holes also help them to find the directions of the sound in the water.

  • The hairy covering of skin is reduced into the few bristles on the muzzles.

  • Eyes are minute and nostrils are on the top of the head.

  • Forelimbs modified as peddles and the tails end in two broad fleshy flukes.

  • According to their different features of the teeth, they have been divided into sub-orders the "Mysticetes and Odentocetes". As we consider Mysticets that are baleen whales like blue whales and fin whales are there. And as we consider odontocetes that are toothed whales like Orca(killer whale) and every kind of dolphins and porpoises.

There is more information available on this topic. But I described just only a little information about the order cetacea. I hope you like the information that I shared here. If this information is useful to you please comment on the comment section.

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