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MYSTERIES OF NATURE: There are so many unsolved mysteries all around the world. But out of all of those countries, India may have the most. From things that make no scientific sense to every area in scary mysteries.  The history of India is more than interesting pathos, it also has many shocking secrets.

Mysteries in nature are always unbelievable, But everyone is interested in it. Coming to India there are lots of mysteries are listed. The following are the few mysteries reported in India. 

  • Floating pillar of Lepakshi temple
  • Yetis
  • The jodhpur boom
  • Lonar crater lake
  • Treasure of Mir Osman Ali
  • Alien rock painting of Charama

Floating pillar of Lepakshi temple

 Amazing 16th-century Veera Bhadra temple also called Lepakshi temple, Is situated in a historic village in Lepakshi of Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a cultural hub most famous for its hanging pillars which are a primitive period architectural wonder crowded by tourists. No one knows 
what happens there, there is no scientific explanation for this wonder.


The yetis or abominable snowman is a folkloric ape-like creature taller than human, is said to inhabit
the Himalayan mountain. The name yeti are commonly used by the people domestic to the region and are part of their history and mythology.

The Jodhpur boom

The mystery of the Jodhpur boom will never be forgotten by the people who lived there. It was a fine morning of December 18,2012 precisely at 11:30 am, people of Jodhpur, India was shocked by a deafening sound that appeared out of nowhere in the sky. The gossip was that the sound resembled the sound caused by a jet crossing the speed of sound. This phenomenon is known as the sonic boom.
But in the case of jodhpur boom, it was different, that is the sound was far more profound and deafening. 
The sound in the jodhpur boom was sounded like a massive explosion, by this undefined sound so many damages have occurred. While the mystery behind the sudden deafening Jodhpur boom that appeared out of nowhere in the sky, this happened not only in India but it was actually taking place all around the world.
Geologists reported that the seismic reading during the booms was unlike anything ever recorded before. The source or what causes these booms? were never been answered.

Lonar crater lake

Lonar crater lake is a notified National Geo-heritage Monument, saline, soda lake, located at Lonar in Buldhana district, Maharashtra, India.
Lonar lake was created by an asteroid collision
with earth's impact during the Pleistocene Epoch.

Treasure of Mir Osman Ali

It is said that His Exalted Highness Nawab Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan used to handle his baubles as if they were marbles. The legendary Nizam's diamond weighed 400 carats and was said to be the second-largest in the world. The diamond was lost and later discovered unintentionally in the 1870s near Shamshabad by a local goldsmith, buried in an earthen pot. 

Alien rock painting of Charama

1000-year-old rock paintings in caves depicting aliens and UFOs of Rohela people were discovered
in the Charama region of Kanker district in the tribal Bastar region, Chattisgarh state, India.
The aliens and their costumes painted using natural colors are similar to what we see in movies these days. Few local people in the village worship those paintings, others narrate the stories they have heard from their ancestors 'Rohela People'. The small-sized ones who used to land from the sky in a round shaped flying object.

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