Strangers From The Heaven

In this blog, I am not trying to prove that space aliens exist. But just sharing the thoughts about their presence in our world. Space aliens are said to be an extraterrestrial being: a visitor from outer space. People think that aliens are far more advanced than humanity. In films, we have seen that aliens look like resembling the humanoid form. Scientists think that space aliens mostly look like humans with few changes like tall bodies and have oversized heads. Aliens are most likely carbon-based like us. Alien life shares the same building blocks as our own, it's possible that aliens would be composed of other elements. Aliens must have some form of eyeballs stereo vision at least
visual awareness to track distance, Successfully hunt and defend themselves.

There is an ancient alien history in our world. There is a 10000-year-old rock painting in caves depicting aliens and UFOs of Rohela people were discovered in the Charama region of Kanker district in tribal Bastar region, Chattisgarh state, India. The aliens and their costumes painted using natural colors are similar to what we see in movies. and as well as the aliens have an ancient history with Egypt. Like that there are so many incidents has happened in our world, for example, there have been  Three UFOs spotted in Canada.
So my idea isn't about proving the existence of aliens. I'm just giving you the thought which I hopeful challenge you to be curious about what could be and what is?
The information I shared with you is a seed of curiosity which gonna become a tree of discoveries in the future.

                                                                                                                                Thank you.

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