Everyone knows about water ie; water is one of the five elements in nature. 70% of the earth is filled with water. But do you know this, that is water is the main resource of life?. water has the ability to save us from the dehydration of our bodies.

Basically, water is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Every life in the world depends on water.
There is no lifeform in the world that can survive without water. There is some special fact that I know about the water world and surface world, that is everything that exists on the surface world is also exists in the water world. Is it confusing to you, I can solve that, I will tell a simple example that you can understand.

in the case of animals, we can take horse, lion, elephant as an example. In the water world also they have these kinds of animals ie; sea horse, sea lion, elephant seal. The life form in the water world is a reflection of the life form in the surface world with few naturalistic changes.

60% of the human body is filled with water. The cells, organs, and tissues in our body use water to help regulate its temperature and other bodily functions. Because of activities in our body like digestion, sweating, and breathing causes the loss of water.

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