Is Time Travel Possible

Time travel is the most interesting topic in science fiction.  Time travel is described as a body moving between several points in time. There are so many theories around time traveling. The most important theory is Einstein's theory of special relativity says that " time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else". Approaching the speed of light any object can travel through time.

For example, Astronauts are a kind of time travelers when they return to earth they are a little bit younger than their equal aged siblings. Another theory for potential time travelers involves something called cosmic strings.

Time Slip

Timeslip is also science fiction in which a person, or group of people, seems to travel through time by unknown means. There was a man called PAUL DANISH who claimed that he traveled through time and gone to AD 3906. He was a language teacher in Switzerland, in 1922 he was met with an accident and gone to a comma, he wakes up after a year. After that, he was a different man, he never talks too much, he likes to be alone more time. The noticeable thing is that he always carries a diary himself and always write something in it. After his death, his student found out the diary and read it, from it he found that after his accident when he went to comma
he timeslip to AD 3906 and lived a year in there and return back to 1922. He was writing about his life and experiences and pieces of information from AD 3906. After PAUL DANISH's death, his student published the contents from the diary as a book "VALUE OF ROSES". After that everyone knows about PAUL DANISH and his time travel.

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