Every time I thought about my dream world. Everyone has their own dream world, some are family. They always live for their family more than themselves, that's their world. But some are doing something big and appreciated by others is their world. But some are calm and quiet they live in their own small world.

My dream world: Is a huge island surrounded by sea and filled with so many trees, plants, animals, talking fairies, mermaids. And they all are friendly to me. we play a bit we talk more and we swim and we stay happy.

 And in my dream world, there will be a fairy kingdom. and I am the king, but also their friend. In that kingdom, everyone will be treated equally. Every morning begins with happiness and ends with happiness.

 But there will be little likes and dislikes, without a little problem what's the meaning of life. There won't be huge problems like in the real world.

 In this world, we cannot stay happy.  In a dream world, we can feel better, we can feel peace, we can live like a fairy. As I said in the dream world we can be whoever we want to be.

 So in my dream world, I am also a fairy and I can fly in there. I have a wing that can lift me into the shallows of the sky.

I always wish for that world to become true once. But in reality, we all know that could not happen. dreams and the world in it are wonderful worlds, and the characters in it are our best friends in the dream. They come to us in sleep and goes after we wake. Sleep is the only way they can reach us.

"Dream Dream Dream while in sleep. Make life happy with the thoughts in Dream"
" Dream Dream Dream while in sleep. Stay as good as you can and live a life in Dream"

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