One Day In A Beautiful Village

I will share my experience of a day in a beautiful village called puthenvelikkara. I was traveling with my friend to his house, I was so thrilled that once I heard about his village. While I am gonna witness his village and its beautiful views.

I was expecting that my journey to his village would be a great experience for me. when I arrived in his village I see so many paddy fields, ponds, rivers, etc. I was amazed then I decided to enjoy them. I ran into fields and I enjoyed myself after that I jumped into that beautiful pond and I swim in it and enjoyed the cold of the water and me and my friend tried to catch so many fish, but I couldn't catch a single one. So after the bath, his mother treated me with so many delicious foods and traditional sweets.

After that, we decided to go fishing. This time we did catch a few fish and cooked it for meals. And afternoon we meat some of his friends and decided to play some football. We team up and started playing. Unfortunately, we didn't play so well so they won the game. the time goes so fast, its time for me to return to my home. but before leaving we all decided to go for a swim in that same pond that I bathed when I arrived here. After that, I showed my gratitude to them for giving me a wonderful day. I started my journey back to my home. 


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