Rainy Season: There are so many special moments passes through us, that we could not re-create. There are so many special days in our life we want to come back. But it is not possible though.

But there are some moments, that we can remember as long as we live. Everyone has that moment in their life. In my life, I have a wonderful experience, that gives my mind calm and peace. 

When the first drop of rain touches the ground, nature feels glory. In the sound of rain, everyone's mind will be refreshed and feel happy. In our place when the rain starts, we go and sat on the sit-out and watch the rain and feel calm then we drink hot tea and eat hot 'pakkawada' by watching the beautiful rain. Wah, what a feeling. The main thing about rain is, that when it becomes raining our yard will fill with water then, without any difference elders and young people make paper boats and play. Everyone will make that a better and special moment.

In my view, rain brings happiness and joy to everyone. Parents, children, old aged people, everyone will enjoy the rain with the same feeling. Rain brings the goodness in us.
By viewing rain it gives calmness to our mind. My friends and I always wait for the rainy season to come, so that we can enjoy in rain. We dance in the rain, we play in the rain. Above all, we really enjoy our life. 
My advice to everyone is that love nature, love your family, enjoy your life as well.

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