Studying and Observing Nature

The study of nature is not only about knowing the biodiversity of nature. It is also about realizing the fact about the existence of life. While observing the verities of life form around us. you may have noticed something special. That every living organisms have a spectacular origin. Ther are so many wow factors in the origin of every living organism. For example the origin of the human race from the chimpanzees. I will say that is a mysterious transformation. Like that every life has its own transformation. But we know that every transformation has a reason. 

My point is that nature has some specific motive for the creation of life. Nature has a perfect plan for the creation of life. That is how an organism should begin and how should it live and when should it die. Like theories says every species have an era of existence. At the end of that era, the entire race of that species should be wipeout of this world. 

In every era, there are some species that thrive and will become the highest in the food chain. During the Triassic period, dinosaurs were the species that thrived. And they were at the top of the food chain. But at the end of their era, the extinction of dinosaurs has occurred. In every era, this process will continue.

In this current era, nature selected the human race to thrive and stand in the highest position of the food chain. So when we start our study about nature we have to start from the origin. After all of these years, humans couldn't know everything about nature. We only collected some incomplete information about nature. When we study anything about nature we have to become a super observer. Because we want a keen observation to understand something about nature.

Nature is filled with so many mysteries. We have to discover it by studying and observing nature. Nature studies have always been a fundamental base to greatest inventions and greatest discoveries. Nature study is a mysterious and adventurous journey that I always like to do.

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