The Power Of Nothingness

We can see so many creations around us (Physical existence). We can see beautiful views like the blooming of flowers, trees, forests, seas. These all are something created by god.

But from where?. It is the most important question.

Actually, there is an answer to this question. And the answer is "Nothing". I know you all are a little bit confused. Do you know that all creations that exist? is born from nothing. If all these creations that born from nothingness can do this wonder and make everything possible. Think that what a Nothingness can do.
The universe, the planets, and the entire solar systems rise from the Nothingness. If the universe, planets, and solar systems can contain this kind of energy and powers. Then the power of nothingness is beyond our imagination.
The base of physical existence is absolutely a non-physical source. The unlimited powers and energies are obtained from an empty source.

Every something is from nothing. Nothing is the source of everything, that we see and feel. The good and the evil, the best and the worst, the truth and false are created from Nothing.

Nothingness isn't a  thing, It is a belief and a feel. The greatest power flows from nothingness.
So don't ever think that I am nothing in a bad way. Think it is in a good way.

Don't underestimate the power of nothingness. Nothingness is the greatest source of unlimited power.

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