The Reality

I  am the Nature scientist and I always post some important and true experienced information about nature. I love nature and the naturistic feel I always felt. I also love to share that experience with everyone. But not everyone isn't interested in nature. Sometimes I get so much information about nature, sometimes not. But nowadays there is nothing in my mind because when I look at nature I see that nature have been polluted and there isn't much left in nature to be express.

Sometimes I feel like I also have a part in the current situation of nature. One reason is that I never take any action from my side against any of the causes of pollution. The second reason is that I didn't do anything to prevent pollution. We all are the reason that nature is suffering now. I always try to find anything special about nature and the life that exists in it. Due to pollution natural habitats are in the stage of destruction. I always wanted to tell so many things. But somehow I couldn't, sometimes I couldn't display the full information that I get.

Actually, there is unlimited information in this universe that we don't know now. There are so many mysteries in nature. In every minute mysteries, they have a huge amount of information that is new to us. We are living with uncomplete information about everything. For example, we don't know what is the meaning of life or what is the purpose of our life or else why are we exit.
There are so many unanswered questions that are still cannot be answered. Most of the people do not have the interested in any of this. That isn't their fault because their intention to life is so simple, that they want to live a happy life and economically settled life. Everyone in this world is running towards something, no one really has the time for anything.

In my view most of people living an imaginary life, most of them do not even think about the reality of life, that is they don't know what life is meant to be. I heard that in the forest it contains so many medicines for every type of disease. But when there is no forest left how can we find medicines to cure.

So what I am saying is that, please protect our nature. Make more bond with it, and save the natural living habitat for the next generations.

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