India is a country of mysteries and secrets. Among them are 'Aghoris', a group of ascetic Shiva sadhus. Everyone has a scattered knowledge about 'Aghoris' regarding their true identity and what they do.

Aghoris worship the lord of gods 'Shiva' who also known as the 'Destroyer' among the trinity of Hindu gods aka 'Trimurthis'  which also includes Vishnu and Brahma.

God of Shiva has different names such as :

  • Shankara
  • Maheshwara
  • Kailasanathan
  • Rudhra
  • Kala Bhairav
  • Shambu
  • Gangadhara

Aghoris are Shiva sadhus who are close to nature. They have the power to control elements like Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Sky. They have siddhi's like 'Ashtasiddhi' and they have so many yogic powers and psychic power as well. They perform various rituals and they smear cremation ashes on their bodies and use bones from human corpses for making Kapalas and jewelry. And they do the major practice of 'Parakaya Prevesham' which means the soul of an 'Aghori' entering the other bodies. Aghoris get these supernatural powers through years and years of meditation.

Aghoris do many Sadhanas such as :

  • Shava sadhana
  • Patra sadhana
  • Smashana sadhana (do at night on the cremation ground)
  • Pancha Munda sadhana ( they sat on a seat of five skulls)
Sadhana means spiritual path, That include practices and rituals performed with regularity and concentration with the purpose to get 'Moksha' (liberation).


The process of becoming an Aghori is a long process. Many fail to go through these long procedure of becoming an Aghori. Those who fail might act as a copycat even though they are actually outcasts.

They are known for :

Aghoris are mainly known for the medicine they use to heal diseases which include human oil from dead bodies. They are said to have healing powers.

The most important fact about Aghoris is that they cannot blend in with society. The need for solitude keeps them away from leading a normal life. The solitude is a constant need for Aghoris, they chant their mantras of 'Shiva' and 'Ma Kali'. Hence they are of no harm to society.
The rituals performed by Aghoris are done on corpses and awakens the 'kundalini Shakthi', which helps them in gaining the ultimate knowledge about spirits, and other natural elements. 

In India, Aghoris live in areas where things are relatively calm and peaceful like Varanasi, Himalaya, Kashi, etc.

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