Positive Energy And Negative Energy


In our nature, there are so many energy fields. Every living being contains an energy field. But everyone considers energy into two types:                                                   Positive Energy                                                                                                                 Negative Energy


Positive energies are considered in so many aspects. Scientifically we consider energy as a source of power. With this positive power, only good and happiness will occur in our life.
positive energies are said as the energy of good. In other ways, we see positive energy as a result of good karmas.


Negative energies are considered as bad energy. By doing bad things and bad karmas, as a result, that person is filled with negative energies

These Positive and Negative energies are present in every living being also. These energies are visible in humans as thoughts - good and bad thoughts. Our actions are also associated with these energies, the actions that cause good to others are positive actions and the actions that cause bad to others are negative actions.

Everything has a balance. Positive and Negative energies are balanced. An unbalance in any of these energies causes big trouble. In the reality of science, positive and Negative energy is a concept used in physics for explaining certain fields such as quantum fields, gravitational field, magnetic field. Every section in science includes these energies.

Positive energy is hard to access, only good deeds can help you to access positive energy. But negative energy tries to canvass towards them. A human is filled with both Positive and Negative energy. We have to try to get away from negativeness and go towards positive.

What do you feel about Positive and negative energy?. Please share your views and feedback in the comment box.

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