Benefits of Tulasi/Tulsi

 The Benefits Of Tulsi

Tulsi/Tulasi is a flowering plant of the mint family that grew for its aromatic leaves. It is also called holy basil in English. Tulsi is indigenous to the Indian sub-continent and it grows all over Southeast Asia.  

In India Tulasi/Tulsi is seen as a divine plant. And they have a special and important role in poojas and rituals performed to worship the gods in the temple. So everyone has planted this plant on the front of their houses. Another reason for planting this plant in front of everyone's house because they believe that Tulasi brings glories to every member in that house. Actually I also kind of believe that.

The people in India always have a special respect for Tulasi.

But it's not all. Tulasi has an important role in Ayurveda because Tulasi is one of the most powerful Antiviral herbs of Ayurveda. 

Tulasi has the capability to destroy or inhibit the growth of disease caused by microorganisms. Tulasi can balance the mucus(Kapha Dosha) and can also help to relieve excess saliva production.

As I mentioned early Tulasi has special respect and it has divine qualities and benefits.

  •  If we eat one or more Tulasi with an empty stomach, it helps you to gain immunity.
  • If you chew some Tulasi on a regular base will cure mouth ulcers.
  • By consuming Tulasi mix with turmeric powder is good for food poison
  • Tulasi act as the Antidote against the poison of spiders, scorpions, and snakes
  • Boiled Tulasi water id good for cold and cough. But remember when boiling Tulasi please put a pinch of pepper and chukku powder(dried ginger powder)

Remember every plants and tree has its purpose in this world. Some of its are meant to be medicinal and some of its are meant to be used for something very beneficial for every living kind. So try to care for it and try to protect it. Trees and plants are so special.

If you have any doubts about Tulasi/Tulsi comment on the comment box, please.


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