Latest stranger creatures spotted in marine

 Latest stranger creatures spotted in marine

What is the newest deep sea creature discovered?

Fish Pyrolycus Jaco  

                   Pyrolycus jaco is the first eelpout species to be seen on the Jacó Scar methane seep, an extreme environment that exhibits hydrothermal vent-like characteristics, including elevated temperatures up to 5.2°C (41.4°F), which is several degrees warmer than the surrounding areas in the deep sea

Are there strange creatures in the ocean?

From monstrous crabs to goblins of the sea, there are some thrilling ocean dwellers out there. Here are some fascinating facts about some of the most mysterious animals in the sea. A massive crab that looks like a spider. No need to be scared, they usually sit around 1000 feet deep.

What is the new deep sea creature in the Indian Ocean?

Of the many species the scientists photographed aboard the RV Investigator, the deep-sea batfish made one of the biggest splashes across social media:

Batfishes have expansive, level heads and thin bodies and are covered with hard lumps and spines. A few animal categories have a prolonged, improved nose. Batfishes develop all things considered around 36 cm (14 inches) long. They are unfortunate swimmers and for the most part stroll on the base on thickened lamblike pectoral and pelvic blades.

What is the new animal in the ocean?

Named after two other entities this new species is—and one of them is Yoda! This odd, deep-sea animal is a type of acorn worm. Acorn worms live above or buried in the sea floor, where they feed on sediment or particles that settle on their bodies. They range in size from just 1 millimeter to over 2 meters long.

Yoda purpurata is a type of acorn worm found 2.5 km (around 1.5 miles) beneath the outer layer of the Atlantic Sea and was the first of the variety Yoda found. Going from 12 to 19 cm (4.7 to 7.5 in) long, it was named after the imaginary person Yoda from the Star Wars establishment.

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