Datura The Devils breadth

 Datura: The deadliest drug in the world (Devils breadth)


Under the NDPS Act, it is illegal for a person to produce/manufacture/cultivate/, possess, sell, purchase, transport, store, and/or consume any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance.

After the release of the Leo movie, everyone started curious about a drug called DATURA. Everyone wonders what is datura why is it so much hyped. 

so after a few searches, I understand one thing it is the world most deadliest drug. Nowadays almost everyone hears about the drug called MDMA, but not everyone is familiar with DATURA. The DATURA is known as the Devil's Breadth in almost every country. Also, there is some interesting information about

the world's deadliest drug DATURA that is, (everyone knows there are some drugs that are taken from nature that are the byproducts of plants like marijuana/weed,

heroine, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, etc.) DATURA is also a byproduct of a plant (Ummathin kaya) which is commonly found on roadsides in India. DATURA is made from a variety of ummathin kaya species. So DATURA mainly contains three alkaloid compounds that lead people to drug addiction and if an increase in dosage might kill them. the compounds are:


the compound scopolamine is usually obtained from a variety of sources like some plants, and the roots of some trees. So mostly scopolamines are called devil's breadth.

Also, there is a story about it. Once in a bar, a female bartender comes to a wealthy man who was enjoying his champagne and started flirting with him and she slowly adds scopolamine to the edge of his drinking glass without his knowledge. Do you want to know what happens next? After he drank his champagne in that glass he woke up the next morning in his own house, but then he noticed that there was nothing in his house no pieces of furniture, no fridge, no TV,  everything had vanished. then he shared the experience with his caretaker, and then his caretaker said that yesterday you and a girl came to the house and loaded every single thing in the house onto a truck and sent to somewhere, and also you were waving your hand saying goodbye. After hearing that he was shocked because he couldn't remember anything.

when you read this story you kind of feel funny. But take it seriously because it is a fact that when someone uses scopolamine/datura they don't know what they are doing until they get back to normal. you know you have already heard about several drugs and their effects. Actually, we always can classify the dosages of these drugs,

like Dripping dosage, less fatal dosage, and deadly dosage. For example, if someone consumes 1 gram of some drugs they will be in a dripping state and if it is 10 grams

 or 20 grams they will be in a middle state and if it is more than 30+ it is a deadly state. But when it comes to datura the scenario is entirely different because there is 

no difference between a tripping dose and a deadly dose of datura which makes it a most deadliest drug in the world.

Actually, we can scale most of the drugs to 0 to -ve 100 and 0 to +ve 100. Some drugs can be scaled to 0 to +ve 100 based on the resulting experience after usage. 

because some people have positive responses to some drugs, that they could connect spiritually and could connect with the universe. you know like PEYOTE.

 Peyote is also a plant that some people recorded on a positive scale based on experience and experience only not in the base that if it will affect the body or not.

but everyone thinks of the scary part only when we come to the negative scale. there is a category of drugs that will affect the mind and lead to depression and slow destruction. On that scale, Datura is considered as 100(-ve 100)

There are 3 major defects in DATURA, before talking about that, I hope that everyone has heard that the ayahuasca drug is also from plants. the 99% of people who used ayahuasca mostly shared the experience as a positive way that they could spiritually connect to the universe.

 These ayahuasca are only used under the guidance of the shaman tribes in the West.

But these are only mental experiences and feelings, and can't ensure the impact of ayahuasca on their body. anyway, 99% of people who use ayahuasca share a common point that is when they use it they feel a presence of feminine energy near them. you know one of the famous YouTuber in India RANVEER ALLAHBADIA also shared his personal experience on his channel BEER BICEPS about ayahuasca and he too felt a feminine energy near

him. He said that the shaman tribal chief who provided guidance about the usage of the drug told him to see it as a mother tiger or a mother nature who protects her cubs and forest and then feel the positive energy. this was the feeling he got when he used ayahuasca.

then there is this drug called peyote. if the information I get from Reddit is correct then the peyote users had a different experience in that they felt a masculine energy, a father figure near them. see it like nature as a father who protects his children.

so the ayahuasca gave a presence of feminine energy and peyote gave a presence of masculine energy. But when we take the DATURA it has an entirely different

story. the people who used the DATURA share its deep dark side, that is "It gives a dark presence of the deadliest black wolf". 

These details are available on specific Reddit links. Nobody is ready to talk more about it, even the expert in botany DR. MARK PLOTKIN didn't reveal more details about it. because it is that much dark energy that people feel after using DATURA. we can't even imagine that kind of darkness in us.

So we were about to learn about the 3 major effects of DATURA which is

  •  there is no difference between the Dripping dose, fatal dose, and deadly dose
  •  the dark energy presence of the black wolf
  •  short-term memory loss (that you can't even understand why you are back dripping)

Do you know what makes DATURA different from other drugs. that other drugs affect our nervous cells and molecules in the head. But DATURA directly affects our autonomous nervous system which controls each and every functionality in our body.


In conclusion, Datura, also known as the Devil's Breath, stands as one of the most perilous substances in the world. Derived from the plant Ummathin kaya, it contains three potent alkaloid compounds—Utrophine, Hyoscyamine, and Scopolamine. Notably, its effects transcend the conventional classifications of drug dosages, leaving no distinction between the tripping and lethal states. The story of the wealthy man's bewildering encounter with the drug illustrates the severity of its influence, inducing temporary amnesia and compelling actions outside of conscious awareness.

Datura's stark contrast to other substances lies in its direct impact on the autonomic nervous system, distinct from the typical effects on neural cells and molecules. As users report encountering an ominous black wolf, the drug's malevolent aura and short-term memory loss intensify its reputation as a harbinger of darkness. Unlike the spiritually enlightening experiences associated with Ayahuasca and Peyote, Datura's consumption unleashes a malevolent energy, shrouded in an unsettling and enigmatic aura that few dare to unravel. Its potent and elusive nature serves as a cautionary tale, a stark reminder of the inherent dangers lurking within the world's most lethal drug, Datura.

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